Martin stresses the importance of accurate advice on Social Care

Martin welcomes the Government’s announcement on social care, because another 100,000 people will benefit. Although he is concerned that when talk of £75,000 and £123,000 are bandied around, as some  vulnerable people may be concerned, particularly in areas like Northern Lincolnshire, where terraced houses routinely change hands for less than £75,000. He stressed the importance of accurate advice being readily available. 

Visit to Linden Homes

AWARD-WINNING Linden Homes has been showcasing its Renaissance development in Grimsby to Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers during a recent visit.

Martin raises the issue of affordable home insurance against floods for the people of Cleethorpes

Martin has asked a question to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Ministerial team in the Commons chamber regarding flood insurance. He asked that the department consider people in Cleethorpes who are designated high risk for floods due to their postcode despite not having experienced a flood for 50 years or more when in negotiations with insurance providers.  

Martin questions the representativness of the House of Laity

Martin asked a question to the Second Church Estates Commissioner about the representativeness of the House of Laity and whether steps are being taken to put forward new proposals to improve the electoral process within the Church of England.  

Martin calls for the return of the 10p tax rate to help working people

Cleethorpes MP, Martin Vickers, has called for the return of the 10p tax rate to help working people. Speaking in a a House of Commons debate he said ‘The Conservative party has traditionally been the low-tax party, and so it should and must remain, but it must be low tax for all, with the emphasis on the low-paid'.

Martin Fights to Save Scartho Baths

Martin Vickers organised a debate in Parliament to urge North East Lincolnshire Council to reconsider its controversial plans to close Scartho Swimming Pool.