Martin Vickers to meet Rail Minister for Sheffield-Gainsborough-Cleethorpes rail talks

The Rail Minister, Claire Perry, has agreed to meet Cleethorpes MP, Martin Vickers, to discuss the Sheffield-Gainsborough-Cleethorpes line.

Martin Vickers used Transport Questions in the House of Commons to draw the attention of the rail minister to the dilapidated states of many of the stations along the Sheffield to Gainsborough to Cleethorpes rail route.

Martin said:

"The Sheffield-Gainsborough-Cleethorpes line has many dilapidated stations and a Saturdays-only service. This is a ludicrous state of affairs. People want to visit Cleethorpes seven days a week. Will the rail Minister agree to a meeting with me and the other Members affected?"

Claire Perry responded, offering to visit Cleethorpes. The Minister said:

"Like me, my hon. Friend is an assiduous reader of Rail Magazine. That was a cover story two weeks ago. He is right. The problem we have is a system that has pushed money out of the top, rather than pulled money through the bottom, so even where there are services and new trains, the station infrastructure does not always keep up. I would be delighted to meet him and to come to Cleethorpes once again."