Fisheries Debate

On 7th December 2017, MPs took part in the annual fisheries debate. This is a tradition I have enjoyed taking part in over the years but this year I was, unfortunately, unable to attend as I was hosting the Taiwanese Ambassador to the UK in Cleethorpes on the day of the debate.

Martin Pledges to be Bowel Cancer Champion



Cleethorpes Member of Parliament Martin Vickers has pledged to become a Bowel Cancer Champion to lead the change in Parliament for people affected by the disease.

My Grimsby Telegraph Article following the EU referendum result

That was the Week that was: the country voted to leave the EU, the Prime Minister resigned, the Labour Party MPs passed a motion of no confidence in their leader as they continue along the road to political oblivion, two of the three frontrunners to become Conservative leader have fallen by the wayside and Cleethorpes took centre-stage with the National Event to mark Armed Forces Day. And, just to take our minds off the politics, our football team lost to Iceland. 

My Latest Grimsby Telegraph Article

Last Monday evening I was one of the sponsors of what turned out to be an interesting debate about Educational Attainment in Yorkshire and the Humber.

My Latest Grimsby Telegraph Article

Visitors to Parliament, as well as being overwhelmed by the building itself, love to pick out the famous faces and hear about some of the traditions. 

My Latest Grimsby Telegraph Article

It’s less than a year since the General Election and yet the gloves are off again and the fight for the hearts and minds of the voters is again in full swing.

My Latest Grimsby Telegraph Article

It's not all that often your name comes out of what is referred to as 'the shuffle' for Prime Minister's questions but this week I was lucky.