Save Suggitt's Lane Level Crossing


I am completely opposed to Network Rail's decision to close Suggitt's Lane level crossing. I have made this clear to Network Rail representatives both in person and in written correspondence but it is clear that they are determined to push ahead.

Petition: Protecting Our Veterans

The outrageous treatment of Dennis Hutchings who served in Northern Ireland in the 1970s has brought the scandal of historic allegations against veterans into the public arena in recent weeks.

Free Port Status for Immingham

I am leading the campaign for Immingham to be granted free port status after Brexit. The benefits of such a move would be vast for our local economy which is home to the UK's largest port complex by tonnage.

No to the Waltham planning application

I strongly oppose the Council's plan to build 199 homes at the site on Brigsley Road, Waltham.

This particular scheme is totally unsuited for the village in every regard: its location, its access, the drainage etc.

Save Cleethorpes Facilities

Martin is leading the fight against the council making further cuts to the facilities in Cleethorpes by holding a public meeting recently, together with Councillor Keith Brookes.

Direct Rail Link To London

The Government have repeatedly pointed out that if we are to improve the local economy and extend growth, we will need greater transport connectivity. The Humber region has the largest port complex in the country and it is developing the offshore renewables sector.

Local Pharmacies

The Department of Health has indicated it believes that there are up to 3000 too many pharmacies in England. At the same time they have proposed a series of policy measures which would divert investment from local pharmacies to other care settings or to online suppliers of medicines. Beyond this there is little detail about the Government’s plans. Never the less it is easy to see that the current direction of policy, if not challenged will lead to a serious fracturing of the pharmacy network in England.