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Cleethorpes MP, Martin Vickers, welcomed a speech by the Prime Minister and Chancellor in which their long-term economic plan for Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire was announced.

Commenting on the speech, Martin said:


I have absolutely no doubts that to Vote Leave is the best option. I voted to leave in the 1975 vote and have not changed my mind.

In summary the main issues centre around the economy, immigration and regaining control of our own affairs.

The European economies are stagnant or in...

We have passed our welfare reforms into law. Under the last Government, people found themselves trapped on benefits because the incentives to work were poor and the system was too complicated to navigate. Our reforms will make sure that it always pays to work, while supporting...

Martin continues to work to ensure residents are better protected against any future flooding.


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Martin is for leaving the European Union and restoring sovereignty to...

To: Greater Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire Media


18 June 2016

 Dear Editor,


 We, the undersigned representatives, are urging the good people of the County of Lincolnshire and in the Greater Lincolnshire area to Vote Leave in the European Union Referendum on Thursday 23rd June 2016.

 We believe an independent Britain will benefit both our County and our Country as a whole, now, and in the future.  We believe in a sovereign democracy and not a federal oligarchy.

 By leaving the European Union, Britain will once again be able to address the unprecedented number of economic migrants coming into the County who are placing huge pressure on our schools, housing, welfare and health services.  More jobs will be created in our County and Country as we will cut the burden of endless Brussels’ bureaucracy on our businesses and so our small businesses through to large employers will be able to trade more freely with the whole world.

 Additionally, by leaving the European Union, we will regain control of our laws, our democracy and on those who govern us.  We will be a sovereign Country once again.  Those who we elect we can remove, something that is impossible inside the undemocratic European Union.

 By Voting Leave on 23 June, our County, our Country and our future will be far brighter than if we remain in the European Union.

 If you have not yet seen ‘Brexit: The Movie’ – do search for it on YouTube, Facebook or anywhere on the internet.  It will inform, shock and worry you in equal measure.  We have seen what 40 years has taken from us as a member of the EU, do we really want another 40 years of the same?

 For the sake of freedom please Vote Leave on the 23rd June and make it Independence Day for Britain.

 Yours sincerely


1)                  Rt Hon John Hayes MP, South Holland & The Deepings (Conservative)

2)                  Sir Edward Leigh MP, Gainsborough (Conservative)

3)                  Andrew Lewer MEP, East Midlands (Conservative)

4)                  Karl McCartney JP MP, Lincoln (Conservative)

5)                  Emma McClarkin MEP, East Midlands (Conservative)

6)                  Andrew Percy MP, Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme (Conservative)

7)                  Stephen Phillips QC MP, Sleaford & North Hykeham (Conservative)

8)                  Martin Vickers MP, Cleethorpes (Conservative)

9)                  Councillor Martin Hill, Leader of Lincolnshire County Council (Conservative)

10)              Councillor Jeff Summers, Leader of West Lindsey District Council (Conservative)

11)              Councillor Bob Adams, Leader of South Kesteven District Council (Conservative)


12)              Councillor Michael Brookes, Chairman of Highways & Transport Scrutiny, Lincolnshire County Council and Deputy Leader, Boston Borough Council.

13)              Councillor Tony Bridges, Chairman of Economic Scrutiny, Lincolnshire County Council (Conservative)

14)              Councillor Colin Davie, Executive Councillor for Economic Development, Lincolnshire County Council (Conservative)

15)              Councillor Richard Davies,Executive Member for Highways and Transportation, Lincolnshire County Council (Conservative)

16)              Councillor Mike Gallagher, Deputy Leader of the North Kesteven Council (Conservative)

17)              Councillor Paul Hibbert-Greaves, East Lindsey District Council (Conservative)

18)              Councillor Will Grover, East Lindsey District Council (Councillor)

19)              Councillor Colin Mair, UKIP Leader, Lincolnshire County Council (UKIP)

20)              Councillor Angela Newton, Lincolnshire County Councillor and South Holland District Council (Independent)

21)              Councillor Steven Palmer, Lincolnshire County Council (Lincolnshire Independents)

22)              Councillor Helen Powell, Lincolnshire County Council and South Kesteven District Council (Lincolnshire Independents)

23)              Councillor Charles Shaw,  Bardney Group Parish Council (Liberal Democrats)

24)              Councillor Jane Smith, Hartsholme Division, Lincolnshire County Council (UKIP)

25)              Councillor Eddie Strengiel, Lincoln City Council (Conservative)

26)              Councillor Anne Reynolds, Lincolnshire County Council (UKIP)

27)              Councillor Dan Turner, Louth Town Council (Conservative)

28)              Councillor Mel Turton-Leivers, East Lindsey District Council and Chairman, Chapel St. Leonards Parish Council (Conservative)

29)              Councillor Sue Woolley, Executive Member NHS Liaison & Community Engagement, Lincolnshire County Council and Chairman, Lincolnshire Health & Wellbeing Board (Conservative)


30)              Councillor Nick Worth, Executive Member for Culture and Heritage, Lincolnshire County Council (Conservative)

31)              Mr Andrew Ogg, FCA

32)              Mr Nick Smith, Chairman, UKIP Lincoln (UKIP)

33)              Mr Tony Wells, Deputy Chairman, UKIP Lincoln (UKIP)



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