Suggitt's Lane Level Crossing Meeting

Yesterday I had a constructive meeting with four representatives of Network Rail, the Rail Minister, Andrew Jones, and an official from the Department for Transport to discuss the closure of Suggitt's Lane level crossing.

The Minister and I put forward a range of alternative safety measures to protect users and provide continuous access to the foreshore and North promenade. We also pointed out that the alternative route took people over very busy roads which may present a greater risk.

It was noted that NR and North East Lincolnshire Council are the principle landowners and it was agreed that a meeting between NELC, NR and representatives of the local community should take place urgently. I asked NR to consider reopening the gates while negotiations take place and they agreed to look into the matter.

NR highlighted the fact that they would be open to legal challenge if a death or injury occurred on the crossing. I suggested that the law has not changed for years and so why would they suddenly decide the crossing needed to be closed but they argued that, whilst the law has not changed, the interpretation of it had.