I am proud to support Sky Ocean Rescue's #PassOnPlastic campaign which encourages everyone to make small changes in their lives that will collectively make a huge difference to the planet.


Did you know:

5 trillion pieces of plastic can be found in the world's oceans, with 8 millions tonnes more ending up there every year (Source: PLOS).

By 2050, it has been predicted that the plastic in the oceans could weigh more than all the fish (Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation).

Micro-plastics have been found inside a third of fish in the English Channel (Source: Plymouth University).

40% of all plastic in Europe is only used once. Less than half of the 13 million plastic bottles that are sold in Britain each year are recycled (Source: Plastics Europe).


How to #PassOnPlastic:

  • Use a bag for life,
  • Buy fruit and veg loose,
  • Use refillable water bottles,
  • Buy cotton buds with cardboard stems,
  • Take your travel mug to the coffee shop,
  • Give up plastic cutlery,
  • Swap your wet wipe for a flannel,
  • Stop using straws or use friendly alternatives.