The NEWfish convention

Today Martin and Melanie Onn MP met Sir Barney White-Spunner, Chairman of the UK Fisheries Advisory Board and Jane Sandell, the Chief Executive of UK Fisheries.

They discussed the upcoming NEWfish convention which will take place on November 12 and brings together industry Leaders from Greenland, Iceland, the Faroes and Norway to explore common issues in the Northern External Water (NEW) post-Brexit.

The convention will hear industry views on market and fisheries access and consider how those in the UK industry might work with NEWfish partners both to improve the business environment and to ensure the sustainability of stocks once we join this group.

It is already clear that the current NEWfish countries will want to negotiate their own bilateral deals for access and trade with the UK post-Brexit, although there are, of course, elements of the existing arrangements which suits both us and them and which we expect the UK will be looking to retain.