MP for Cleethorpes, Martin Vickers, backs campaign to slash Air Passenger Duty

Martin Vickers, MP for Cleethorpes, has given his backing to a campaign to slash Air Passenger Duty (APD) to at least half the current levels across all of the UK. 

The campaign is calling for the UK Government to guarantee APD will be applied fairly and consistently throughout the UK, to ensure that families in one part of the country are not having to pay more tax to enjoy an annual holiday than those in other parts of the country. 

MPs from across the political divide are urging the Government to consider the evidence put forward that has the potential to boost the economy. Martin recently attended a gathering of members of the campaign to discuss the issue and show his support for the cut of this tax. 

The Scottish Government has pledged to cut APD by 50% (with a view to subsequently abolishing it altogether) from 2018 to boost tourism and business travel in Scotland. The campaign welcomes the Scottish Government’s recognition that APD is a damaging tax, but are calling for any reduction of APD in Scotland to be met with reductions elsewhere in the UK to ensure a lower, fairer APD for the whole country so that constituents from Cleethorpes don’t have to pay more than those in Scotland. 

Martin said:

“Families and businesses in Cleethorpes suffer as a result of APD. The Government must consider helping them by making sure that APD is applied fairly and consistently, so that it is not a postcode lottery. 

“No matter where in the UK you live, you pay the same amount of tax when you buy a pint or go out for a meal – why should APD be any different?”