Martin backs plans for a Northern Budget

Martin has backed a call for the Government to prioritise spending on infrastructure in the North in the spending review later this year.

Ahead of the upcoming spending review, Martin added his voice to the growing calls for Government to prioritise spending in the North of England.

After decades of underinvestment, not only are passengers and commuters in the North growing increasingly frustrated, but the North has been held back, unable to reach its full potential – and the productivity gap between the North and the rest of the country continues to widen.

Alongside fellow Northern MPs, civic leaders and businesses, Martin Vickers is calling on Government to increase investment in transport in the North of England, in line with Transport for the North’s Strategic Transport Plan. This includes a commitment from the Government to a £7 billion Northern Infrastructure Pipeline to deliver road and rail schemes that could transform the way people travel and goods are moved across the North. In addition, leaders are also calling for a long-term commitment to the up to £39 billion Northern Powerhouse Rail network.

There are several schemes in the Northern Infrastructure Pipeline that would benefit people and businesses in the Cleethorpes area. These include:

  • Upgrades to the A63, which are currently being undertaken by Highways England to improve capacity and provide better connectivity
  • Proposals across several rail lines to increase capacity and improve stations
  • Other road projects to enhance the A164, M62, A15/A1077 and the A1079