Save Suggitt's Lane Level Crossing


I am completely opposed to Network Rail's decision to close Suggitt's Lane level crossing. I have made this clear to Network Rail representatives both in person and in written correspondence but it is clear that they are determined to push ahead.

There is evidently strong opposition to this plan locally, from me, residents and the Council, yet Network Rail have ignored us at every stage.

I have raised the matter in the House of Commons several times and have secured the support of the Rail Minister who has urgently asked Network Rail to review their decision.

Together with the Rail Minister, I met representatives of Network Rail on Monday 8th April to further make the case.

On Wednesday 3rd April, I presented the Minister with a petition, signed by 4,000 local residents who are opposed to the closure and on Monday 8th April I presented that petition to the House of Commons.


21 August

Today, I met the new Rail Minister, Chris Heaton-Harris, to discuss the crossing which remains out of service following Network Rail’s decision to permanently close it without consultation.

I made the case for an immediate reopening of the crossing, perhaps with additional safety measures in place, followed by a consultation with the local community to find a more permanent solution that meets Networks Rail’s safety criteria. I also stressed the need for a solution that does not lead to an unnecessary cost for the taxpayer.

The Rail Minister committed to discuss the matter personally with Network Rail in order to reach a solution.


23 July

Today I wrote to the new Leader of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson, to congratulate him and remind him of his pledge to do all he can to reopen the level crossing if he was fortunate enough to win the leadership contest. Tomorrow, Mr Johnson will take office as Prime Minister and once he appoints his cabinet, I will write to the new Secretary of State for Transport as well as the Rail Minister to further make the case.


4th June

An action packed day today as a coach-load of campaigners from Cleethorpes descended upon Parliament to witness my Westminster Hall debate on Suggitt's Lane level crossing. I questioned the actions of Network Rail and implored the Rail Minister to take action.

The debate was followed by a meeting with the Rail Minister where residents were able to strongly put forward their case for saving the crossing.

Finally, I arranged a meeting between the group and Boris Johnson who considered Network Rail's actions to be 'an outrage' and pledged to do all he can to support the reopening of the crossing if he becomes Prime Minister.





23rd May 2019

Rail Minister's response to the petition:

"The UK has one of the safest railways in Europe, but this Government strives to ensure that safety continues to be improved.  Level crossings remain one of the most significant risks to public safety on the railway network and it is therefore right that, where justified and practicable, they are closed to eliminate this risk.  However, this should not be at the expense of local community access to both sides of the railway.

I am well aware of the complex issues surrounding Suggitt’s Lane level crossing and the depth of feeling in the local community.  Whilst it remains the responsibility of Network Rail, as the infrastructure manager for the railway, to take the decision on whether to close the private crossing, I have urged it to arrange a meeting at the earliest opportunity between all parties that have an interest in Suggitt’s Lane.  I have made clear that this meeting should include North East Lincolnshire Council, local residents’ representatives and, of course, Network Rail itself. This should provide an opportunity for the concerns of the local community to be considered. I hope that this meeting will enable all parties to agree a solution that addresses both the safety and accessibility issues relating to Suggitt’s Lane."


24th April 2019

Today I met Andrew Haines, CEO of Network Rail. I pressed him on the situation regarding Suggitt's Lane level crossing and argued that at the very least the crossing should be re-opened whilst a review takes place. He promised me that he will personally look into the issue.


9th April 2019

Yesterday I had a constructive meeting with four representatives of Network Rail, the Rail Minister, Andrew Jones, and an official from the Department for Transport to discuss the closure of Suggitt's Lane level crossing.

The Minister and I put forward a range of alternative safety measures to protect users and provide continuous access to the foreshore and North promenade. We also pointed out that the alternative route took people over very busy roads which may present a greater risk.

It was noted that NR and North East Lincolnshire Council are the principle landowners and it was agreed that a meeting between NELC, NR and representatives of the local community should take place urgently. I asked NR to consider reopening the gates while negotiations take place and they agreed to look into the matter.

NR highlighted the fact that they would be open to legal challenge if a death or injury occurred on the crossing. I suggested that the law has not changed for years and so why would they suddenly decide the crossing needed to be closed but they argued that, whilst the law has not changed, the interpretation of it had.


3rd April 2019

Today I handed over to the Rail Minister, Andrew Jones MP, a petition signed by over 4,000 local residents objecting to the closure of Suggitt's Lane level crossing by Network Rail. Thank you to DN35 Crime Watch for all of their efforts in collecting signatures. 

I also raised the matter in the House of Commons, this time as a Point of Order, to ask the Speaker how best to proceed.


9th March 2019

I strongly object to plans to close Suggitt's Lane crossing and joined protesters on Saturday to oppose the ludicrous idea.

I have met with Network Rail and pointed out to them some of the inaccuracies that they had made in their original letter to me and I have stressed the inconvenience that this will cause to many residents.

There are no alternatives to this crossing and people should not be expected to walk to Fuller Street Bridge and then back on themselves to access this area.

I met with the Rail Minister earlier this week and I am hoping that he will be able to use his influence, but the decision lies with Network Rail.

They need to be looking at other safety measures that can be used, such as installing warning lights or interlocking gates.

Bringing the speed of the trains down to 20mph would also be measure that could be used.



Below are a list of correspondence between me and Network Rail as well as the Council and Network Rail.


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